Here at I Rent A Store - Online Shopping Stores we can offer you a complete 'Webmaster' service to run your online store.

By choosing this service, we will setup your online store for you, populate your store with your products and maintain your store for you. This leaves you the time you need to run your business.

All you have to do is complete an online form to send us the details of the product you are selling.


Monthly: 1 Hour Weekly £40.00 Monthly: 3 Hours Weekly £100.00
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I Rent A Store are providers of online shopping stores to allow you to sell your products online. We provide two types of stores. Stand Alone Stores and Webmaster Stores.

Online Stores

Unlike other online store providers we do not charge you expensive listing charges or commissions on your sales. We believe that it is you that do all the work so it is you that should keep all the rewards.

Here at I Rent A Store, we can offer you secure online stores to rent on a monthly basis. Our online stores are PayPal gateway controlled shopping carts making them highly secure giving you full access to your funds from your sales via your own PayPal account.

By renting your online store from us, we will set you up with your very own online store for you to sell your products.

We offer two types of online stores.

1. Your own rented Stand-Alone Store where you have total administration control over the running and population of your own products within your store.

2. Your own rented Webmaster Store whereby we can run your online store for you as your personal 'Webmaster' where we will setup, populate your stores products and run your store for you. This service incurs a monthly charge for the running of your online store for you as your personal 'Webmaster'.

Open an account with us today and get your online store up and running with I Rent A Store.

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