What is I Rent A Store?

I Rent A Store is a collection of individual online stores where you can rent a store from us to sell your products or handmade items online greatly increasing your potential profits.

What makes I Rent A Store different to other online marketplaces?

I Rent A Store do not charge expensive charges for sellers to list their products or charge any commission on their sales. Instead we rent out our online stores to you on a monthly basis so you keep the vast majority of your profits yourself.

Who controls I Rent A Store online stores?

We offer two types of online stores.

1. Stand-Alone Stores - Where you have total control over the running of your store including all administration control.

2. 'Webmaster' Stores - Where we do everything for you as your personal Webmaster. * This service incurs additional charges. *

How is my online store seen?

All I Rent A Store - Online Shopping Stores, are in fact sub-folders within our own portal. This eliminates the need of you having to purchase your own 'Domain Name' and expensive hosting packages to host your store. We provide all of these for you.

For example: Our site is irentastore.com - Lets suppose your store is called Nu Soap - Then your website address would be irentastore.com/nusoap

What can be sold on Ethm?

It is your store. Whatever you want.

How do I open an online store with I Rent A Store?

Opening an online store with us is really simple. Using our ‘Registration’ link on the left side 'Menu' box, complete all the details required and submit them to us.
Then using our 'Store Rental' link, purchase your first months rental.
If you have chosen our 'Webmaster Service', please also purchase your first months 'Webmaster fee.

Once all is in order, we will then create your online store for you and email your ‘Stores’ details to you.

How much is it to rent an online store with I Rent A Store?

We charge a monthly rental fee of £40.00. This covers the initial setup of your online store, the future maintenance of your online store, the hosting of your store on our server and the promotion of your store. * (To further promote your store tell friends and family about your store, use business cards, fliers etc.).

How do I pay my monthly store rental fee?

We will require an initial payment of one month’s rental fee in advance of opening your online store. This can be purchased using our 'Store Rental' link. You will then be sent monthly invoices to pay for every consecutive months rent. All our transactions are conducted via our own PayPal account. It is very important that you provide us with your correct email address for correspondence.

How do sellers get paid?

All, I Rent A Store, online stores are designed to work with PayPal as the default payment gateway. So each seller must have a PayPal account to get paid. PayPal is accepted worldwide and is highly encrypted to protect their clients to the highest level ... * For this, we will require your PayPal email address.

*(I Rent A Store do not have access to your PayPal account)

All transactions are conducted between the seller and PayPal themselves. I Rent A Store are solely the marketplace platform for sellers to sell their goods / products.

Who can use I Rent A Store?

I Rent A Store - is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers come together in a friendly online environment to safely sell and buy products.

Can I close my I Rent A Store online store?

Yes of course, at anytime. Once closed you will no longer get invoiced for your stores monthly rent or 'Webmaster' fee if you have a 'Webmaster' account with us.
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